How to Select the Right Window Style for Your Monroe, CT Area Home

How to Select the Right Window Style for Your Monroe, CT Area Home

It’s time to replace the windows of your Monroe home, but now is the moment to determine which windows will be the best fit. Learning the unique features and competitive differences they offer is a critical next step in your window purchase process. Deciding upon the right windows really depends on your home’s architecture, the purpose or use of the window, and of course, how much you have to spend.


Awning Windows — Hinged from the top and opening outward from the bottom, awning window's construction pushes water away from the window opening. They are usually placed over fixed windows or in garages above eye level to give your property ventilation and privacy. Awning windows are often associated with southern home designs.

Bay and Bow Windows — Most bay windows feature a large window in the center with casement or double-hung windows on each side set at 30- or 45-degree angles. The display can include vented or fixed windows; you can even combine window styles according to your needs for the area. The bow window feature four or more equal-size windows, usually casements displayed to make a gradual arching frame. Bay and bow windows offer impressive sweeping views, as well as giving a room the sense of being larger than it is. Many of our Monroe area homeowners add a middle window sitting area to their bay or bow windows in order to further enjoy the open feeling that they offer.

Casement Windows — Often referred to as “crank out windows”, casement windows are one of the most popular style of windows in the Monroe area. Found within countless home designs, casement windows feature a single sash that’s attached on either side and opens by turning a crank shaft in a clockwise motion. Because of its design, ventilation is aplenty with casement windows compared to double-hung windows (particularly if your window opening faces the direction of the wind). In terms of appearance, we recommend casement windows for taller windows, over wider ones. We would suggest you avoid casement windows in high traffic areas, due to the fact that they take up more space when open.

Double-Hung Windows — A wide variety of home designs utilize double-hung windows, including traditional, Colonial and Victorian. Double-Hung windows feature two sashes within a single frame. The top and bottom sash bypass each other vertically when opening from the bottom up or the top down. Double-hung windows are most striking when they are about two-times the height as they are wide and each sash is an equal-sized square.

Fixed Windows — Fixed windows are usually used as a primary focal point or within a pattern combined with other windows. Commonly shaped in a circle, square, or hexagon, fixed windows will not open, as they are intended to contribute an architectural enhancement to your Monroe house.

Single-Hung Windows — Single-hung windows are similar to double hung windows, with one unique feature: only the bottom sash opens by pushing upward; the top sash is fixed permanently in place.

Sliding Windows — Often called sliders or gliders, sliding windows open precisely as their name implies; they slide side-to-side horizontally. Sliders are great for those challenging-to-reach areas in your Monroe home, such as over the kitchen sink. They are regularly used in multi-family buildings and apartment complexes.

Skylights — Those Monroe homeowners that would like the additional natural light that windows bring, yet they do not have the addition to accommodate normal wall-installed windows, may want to ponder a skylight. Skylights can be opened manually or by remote control (if such functionality is offered), which likely will bring in more light and heat than windows due to their rooftop positioning.

Transom — Just like fixed windows, transoms are often combined with other window styles, and can be either fixed or vented units. Normally placed atop or below the main window or door. Transoms provide the illusion of larger windows by allowing more sunlight in and more airflow if the windows vent. Transom windows are available in a variety of shapes, including square, rectangular, half-circle, elliptical and more.

Window Wall — Just as the name suggests, a window wall is literally a wall of windows that don’t open and stretch from floor to ceiling. The windows that make up the wall can be of similar or different sizes/shapes and be used for exterior or interior walls.

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